Introducing the RouteSalad Flight Finder!

Here at RouteSalad we spend a lot of time trawling the web to find you the best deals on just about anything to do with travel – be it hotels and hostels, train journeys or even car hire. Nowadays it’s possible to search through thousands of sites instantly to get that awesome deal, and when it comes to flights, Skyscanner is one of our favourite comparison websites. Even they aren’t perfect though, so we decided to make our own!

Try it now at:

RouteSalad Flight Finder

Find cheap flights for students with RouteSalad Flight Finder

The RouteSalad Flight Finder is an easy to use price comparison service for flights. Simply enter your travel details and the Flight Finder will return a complete list of available journey options along with their prices and other useful information such as any stops along the way. When you’ve found one you like, just tap the select button and you will be transferred to purchase your flight.

Why We’re Different

We know how annoying it can be when comparison sites don’t always show you the best possible deals (hint: flight comparison websites get paid by the airlines to sell their tickets!) and we know how annoying it is when they bombard you with adverts and popups. We decided to go down a different route, creating a clean and simple, mobile friendly, search engine; without adverts, popups or other annoying features that lists all the prices we can find!

We Need You!

Every time you buy a flight through the Flight Finder, RouteSalad receive a small commission which helps us to keep our blog up and running! So please, tell your friends about this awesome new service and help spread the word! If you have any comments or queries please leave us a comment below, or as always feel free to tweet us @RouteSalad.

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