Review: Bounce Guesthouse Hongdae – Seoul, South Korea

Bounce Guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea

I recently had the pleasure of staying a few nights at Bounce Guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea with two lovely hosts: Anson and Scarlett. This homely pad is a great place for young people looking for a friendly place to socialise and meet like-minded travellers.

First impressions

I was pretty jet-lagged after a long flight from Rome, so after a quick wander around the city to get my bearings, I headed over to Bounce Guesthouse to check the place out and drop off my bags.

I was immediately impressed by the friendliness of the hosts and the cleanliness of the property. Although I was a bit early, Scarlett was happy to check me in and showed me to my room, on the second of two floors, where I’d be staying in a spacious 8-bed dorm (I got the bottom bunk – relief!)

Modern dorm rooms at Bounce Guesthouse Hongdae
Modern dorm rooms at Bounce Guesthouse Hongdae

The rooms have lockers with a key you can borrow at no charge (confession: I lost mine – sorry again guys!) and both floors have a shared bathroom with shower, kitchen area, and lounge area.

If you’re looking for a huge, party hostel, then this probably isn’t the place for you – Bounce is most definitely less crazy and more cosy, with only a few rooms. The benefit of this of course is that you can easily make friends with all the guests and we all bonded pretty quickly and even went out for dinner as a big group of 8 of us for Korean-style BBQ on my second night!


Once I’d chucked my bag into my dorm, I headed back downstairs and crashed in the main reception/lounge area of the guesthouse to meet my fellow guests. In all honesty, I could have hung out there all day every day – there was always someone interesting to chat to.

Lounge - Bounce Guesthouse Hongdae
Lounge and Kitchen – Bounce Guesthouse Hongdae

Within minutes I had made a few friends (including the super-friendly owners, Anson and Scarlett) who were quick to suggest some must see places in their city. We even planned an impromptu trip to see a Korean baseball game (which I 100% recommend you try!)


Bounce Guesthouse is situated in Hongdae (Hongik University), a bustling student-friendly area full of cosy cafés, loud nightclubs and tasty chicken and beer joints.

As a first timer in Seoul the area was exactly what I needed – and thanks to Seoul’s glorious transportation network (seriously) it was simply a case of jumping on the A’Rex (airport express) train directly from the airport. The journey is around one hour train from Incheon airport followed by a 10-minute walk.

Bonus points

  • Free breakfast (toast and eggs, I believe, though I didn’t actually try it)
  • Keycode entry on the front door (no key = one less thing to lose, in my books!)
  • Custom embroidered towels! Nice finishing touches like this made this place awesome

The verdict

RouteSalad RecomendedAs always, your experience in a hostel depends on two things: the people you’re staying with, and the place itself. At Bounce, I lucked out on both counts! Everyone staying in the guesthouse was an absolute legend (be it the guests or the hosts) and became true friends who I hope to keep in touch with for years to come. The guesthouse itself? Warm, welcoming and super-clean. What else could you ask for?

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