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A trek across town led me to my final accommodation stop in Singapore: two nights at the Green Kiwi Hostel in the Lavender area. Named after its New Zealand owner, this hostel in Lavender is the newer of two “Green Kiwi” properties in the city where young and old alike can find a cheap bed and even cheaper beers…

First impressions

Cheap Hostels in Singapore - Student travel review

In a country where even a cheap pint will set you back well over £6 in a bar, the sign above reception advertising SG$3.50 cans of Tiger beer was an instant relief. Even cheaper than the convenience store! I already knew I was going to like this place.

After a bit of confusion about our booking (it turns out that a fellow traveller had overstayed their welcome and left their belongings sprawled out over “my” bed) we were swiftly shown to our fresh dorm room with about ten beds.

Communal area and rooftop garden

Student hostel in Singapore

After checking out the showers (really good!) and dumping my valuables into one of the free combination-locked safes in reception, I wandered up to the rooftop garden – a nice touch for an inner-city hostel. Despite laying claim to a fairly average view (the hostel is located on a busy crossroad after all) the rooftop had a great feel to it with loads of comfortable, covered seating and even power outlets for those wanting to bring their laptops up. Later that night it turned out to be a great spot for a casual drink and a welcome escape from the city’s pricier establishments.

The hostel also has a cosy communal area surrounding the reception desk with plenty of power outlets for charging up your devices and a few computers for free internet access. It is worth noting that the free wifi is one of the best I have seen; super-fast apart from the occasional blip at busy times.

The awesome staff

Green Kiwi Hostel friendly staff in Singapore - student review
Nabihah hard at work

Aside from its decent facilities and a central location, the thing which really sets Green Kiwi apart from other hostels I have stayed at is the friendliness of the staff. Arriving exhausted, lugging my bags across town, I was poured a glass of ice cold water before I could even put my backpack down, shortly followed by a selection of fruit and toast from the all day breakfast, and I hadn’t even checked in yet!

The staff continued to go above and beyond for the duration of my stay, helping me search for local bars and cheap eats, basically acting as my own personal concierge whenever I needed anything booking or researching. They even sell discounted tickets to the popular Singapore tourist attractions like the Night Safari (well recommended!) which saved me a couple of valuable dollars on the walk-up price.

All of the ladies at reception were a pleasure to deal with and honestly the best hostel staff I have met so far! A special shout goes out to Nabihah (pictured above) for always putting a smile on my face and refusing to let me check out on my final day, insisting I stay an extra four nights (I got away eventually).

Without a doubt, I know that Green Kiwi Lavender will the first place I think of next time I need a place to stay in Singapore.


  • Voted Singapore’s best hostel for 2014 and it is easy to see why
  • Positive points: Super-friendly staff, cheap beer and great recommendations
  • Negative points: None!

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