Review: Nomad B&B Hostel Kuching, Borneo

Kuching, Malaysia by Bernard Dupont on flickr

Verity shares her memories of Nomad B&B Hostel Kuching – cheap accommodation for students in Kuching, Malaysia, Borneo.

RouteSalad Recommended for students and budget travellers visiting Kuching and South East Asia!

Welcome to Kuching

“Verity, please!” Hannah gasped.

“My back hurts, my shoes are cutting even further into my blisters and all I want is a cold drink. Please. Can we just stop at this café for ten minutes?”

My cheeks flushed pink; we had been traipsing around Kuching for forty-five minutes, each carrying our life on our back, in the form of a 12kg, rather bedraggled rucksack.

I knew we were close! Admittedly map reading has never been my forte, but I had followed the instructions down to a tee… or I thought I had.

“Lets just walk to the end of this street, I honestly think it is down here.” I looked at her longingly, “Please Han!”

Sure enough, there it was, at the end of the street… in all its… I would say glory… but Nomad’s entrance is notably underwhelming. We had been recommended it by two Australians’ on our plane journey to Borneo.

“Really cheap, free breakfast every morning and the owners are so laid-back” they boasted.

“But remember” they said, “get a taxi there, it took

We pushed open the door and were met with a narrow set of stairs. There were messages written all over the walls and ceiling:

“We love you Nomad”, “Thank you for our stay, the free breakfast was the best” and of course the generic “Sam & George were ‘ere 2k12”.

We got to the top and were buzzed in by the hostel owner. We booked ourselves in for two days and made plans to stay for longer if we liked it.

Here are the four reasons why we stayed in Nomad Hostel Kuching for ten days:

#1: The People

The guys that ran the hostel were fun, kind and helpful. At Nomad Hostel Kuching there is always someone around to answer your questions and they give great advice. The friendly staff made sure to warn us of any tourist traps and recommended how best to spend our time in Kuching.

normal_DSCF1366#2: The Hostel

Never have I felt so at home in a hostel! The chill out area, cozy dorms, self-catered kitchen and outside balcony all help create a warm and friendly environment.

The hostel’s chill out area has cuddly beanbags, cushions, candles, board games and a guitar. We didn’t often spend the evening in the hostel, but I will always remember the night we spent sat in the chill out area having a singsong and playing charades.

#3: The Breakfast

When you’re travelling on a student budget, any free food is a blessing. This hostel breakfast was simply bread, butter and a range of jams – but when I say a range of jam, I really mean it. Of course, you have your classic strawberry and raspberry flavoured jam, but if you really want to make your stay that extra bit special you must try their homemade coconut jam. Nomad Hostel Kuching’s jam is always mentioned when reminiscing about Borneo. Just thinking about it makes me drool!

#4: The Price

RouteSalad RecomendedAt £5 a night, you can’t question the price.

To reiterate the advice of the Australian boys we met on the plane: “You can’t miss it man!”

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