Review: POD Boutique Capsule Hotel – Singapore

Half hotel and half hostel, Pod Singapore is a really cool place to stay, right in the buzzing Bugis area of central Singapore.

With a nod to the famous Japanese-style capsule hotels, Pod Singapore offers each visitor a self-enclosed sleeping area complete with pull-down blind and plush linen that would not feel out of place in a classy hotel – a welcome upgrade from the cheap hostels I have been getting used to on my travels so far!

First impressions

On arrival I was greeted by two super-friendly reception staff who showed me around the place (always a nice touch) and explained how the keycard would permit entry to my room and also double up as the key to my under bed storage.

The rooms were hostel-style in that there were five of us sharing a room, but as soon as you crawl into your capsule you realise this is no ordinary backpacker experience! The pods themselves are pretty spacious with a modern feel, offering a personal light and fold down table (big enough for a decent-sized laptop) plus a power socket (UK style – yes!).

Pod Hotel Singapore - Capsule hotel review for Student travel
The view inside my capsule at Pod Hotel Singapore!

Beyond the capsule

Moving outside the room, Pod Singapore offers a raft of included extras such as free buffet breakfast, free laundry facilities and even free dry cleaning. Free bottled water was also well appreciated as I hate nothing more than having to trek out to a shop when you realise you have nothing to drink at 3 in the morning! The list of amenities goes on, including free wi-fi, local telephone calls, towels, soap & shampoo and use of their “Business Centre” (though I cannot say I tried this one, sorry!)

There is a shared kitchen/reception area for socialising and making snacks but at least while I was there I found that the atmosphere of the place was closer to that of a hotel than a hostel (less sociable), despite the shared living arrangements. This is not necessarily a bad thing however – just something to bear in mind when you book.

Pod Singapore is a 10-15 minute walk from the nearest MRT station (bear this in mind if you have a lot of luggage) but conveniently located close to plenty of bars and restaurants – the Mexican place at the end of the street is great by the way.

Reception at the Pod Hotel in Singapore
Reception at the Pod Hotel in Singapore


  • A great experience that is more up-market than a typical hostel but will not break the bank like most Singapore hotels
  • Plus points: Lots of included extras make up for the extra cost over hostels
  • Minus points: Atmosphere is more like a hotel than a hostel so maybe not ideal for single travellers looking to meet people
  • Top tip: Choose a bottom capsule if you can – the top ones are really high up!

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