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Today, I have the wonderful opportunity of sharing with you a little review of my experience to the Sky Garden in London.

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The “Walkie Talkie” Building

The "Walkie Talkie" Building on Fenchurch Street
The “Walkie Talkie” Building on Fenchurch Street

Everyone knows that to get the best view of London The Shard is the place to go. Rivaling that is the Monument tower, and now the new Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street – or more often referred to as the Walkie Talkie building by Londoners.

When you search “walkie talkie building london” results tell of how the structure has melted vehicles parked nearby as it reflects sunlight. Also, many people claim the building destroys the landscape of London.

Honestly, I have to agree.

The architecture and design of the building does differ quite a bit from its surroundings. Despite all of that, I decided to head up to the Sky Garden one day and see if it was worth a visit.

Airport-style security… but it was worth it for the view

RouteSalad reviews SkyGarden London
The view we’ve all been waiting for

My university roommate booked a slot for us to visit the building a couple of months in advance, and so when the day arrived, we took along our cameras, and excitedly headed to Fenchurch Street. Upon arrival, we had to queue up with the rest of the people who signed up to enter in that slot, and go through some makeshift airport security – why? I haven’t quite figured it out.

After bag checks, we went up to the 35th floor where the Sky Garden was. Having lived in Singapore, I’m used to high-rise buildings and taking the lift up tens of floors (my house alone is on the 19th floor!) but when we reached the Sky Garden, I was completely mesmerized by the view.

Sky Garden London Student Review - Carina

I have never seen the city from such a high point, and it was indeed a wonderful sight! I’m pretty sure the view is comparable to that of The Shard and Monument Tower. The advantage of going to the Sky Garden? IT’S FREE.

In spite of the criticisms that the Walkie Talkie building does not add to the architectural beauty of the London skyline, I must say, from the inside, the architecture looks futuristic, clean, and pretty interesting.

The garden itself

Awesome Garden up at Rooftop Bar in Sky Garden London
Awesome Garden up at Rooftop Bar in Sky Garden London

Being a “garden”, I would expect plenty of greenery. However, there weren’t actually many green spaces up there. It was just 2 angled plots of green plants and grass beside the staircases. My roommate and I joked that the plants were still growing.

Sky Garden London - Routesalad Recommended


That being said, there are chairs and seating areas within the green spaces, and since there is a limit to the number of people up in the Sky Garden at once, you could just sit down and enjoy a great book among the plants; each time you look up from your book, you’d be amazed by the sight of London.

In the middle of the Sky Garden there’s a lovely bar – ideal for both a swanky business meeting and a general catch up with friends.

The sunset

Sunset view rooftop bar London - Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street, London
Stunning sunset at Sky Garden – Fenchurch Street, London


My roommate and I ordered a drink each and sat beside the plants till the sun started to set. We timed our entrance at 4pm, because we wanted to see the sunset across London! It was a rather cloudy day, but we managed to catch a glimpse of the sun before it disappeared behind the clouds.

The sunset also changes the colours of the Sky Garden. Because the windows are all transparent, the blue tinge in the glass showed up little more, and you could see the colours of the sky through the glass.

I wish I had the ability to dine in one of the 2 restaurants up in the Sky Garden and wait till nightfall to get a great view of the city. Unfortunately, as a uni student, this is the best I could get!

The verdict

RouteSalad RecomendedI would highly recommend reserving a slot to visit the Sky Garden. You get the best view of the city, with no cost at all! It is most definitely worth the trip, especially if you have yet to witness a panoramic view of London.

A bit about me

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