How To Get a Good Deal on Any Flight

Finding an affordable flight doesn’t have to be a miracle achieved against the odds. Nor does it have to mean 46-hour stopovers in obscure airport towns, dodgy aeroplanes or arriving at weird times. Besides the obvious tricks of travelling midweek, avoiding public holidays and clearing your cookies after each flight search, there are a few more ways to get anywhere in the world for cheaper than you think!

1. Set aside some time to do your research

If you really want to get the cheapest flight possible, you need to be prepared to set aside a bit of time to find the best deals.

2. Actually do your research

STA are a pretty good place to start researching, as their prices give you a benchmark for how much it will roughly cost to get from A to B. Then look up the national and budget airlines for your destination – there’s more than just Easyjet and AirAsia out there, and flying with a smaller airline can save you a lot of money.

3. Google – but from the country you’re thinking of going to

Okay, so it might take a bit more time to find the deals and read the terms and conditions if you’re having to put them through Google Translate first, but consider this: is aimed to bring up results, which means bringing up a price tag specially tailored to customers purchasing with the British Pound. For example, looking for a flight to the Philippines from rather than will bring up prices in pesos and aimed at what’s affordable for the average Filipino – meaning you save a fair amount of money!

4. Price comparison websites are your friends

They do what they say on the tin – compare prices to find you the best deal. If you’re unsure about booking through one, find out as much as you can about the company by looking for online reviews and customer service contact information. For the most part, they’re actually pretty reliable, but read the terms and conditions carefully before handing over your money.

We’ve just launched our own flight comparison site at, and one of our favourites, Skyscanner, has a great mobile app too!

5. Don’t be afraid to admit defeat and go back to the start

STA sometimes do have the best deals, especially for multi-stop flights. By picking up the phone to make your booking, you’ll speak to someone who wants to get you to your destination as safely and comfortably as possible, without long layovers or 3am arrivals. Sometimes, it’s worth the extra tenner that booking through STA might cost you for that extra peace of mind!

  1. I definitely agree with you on #1! It always takes longer than you expect, especially if you’re trying out loads of different flight combinations.

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