Best Travel Apps for Students

Jason Howie on Flickr

Got yourself a new smartphone and still don’t know what apps to download? We’ve rounded up our top eight must have free travel apps to download before your next trip.
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1. Bar Chick

What is it? An awesome bar finder.

Why do we ♥ it? Bar Chick helps you find bars to match your mood – tell it whether you’re going out for casual beers, people watching, or looking for an exclusive roof terrace and Bar Chick will find it! Unlike some other apps, Bar Chick has a really wide selection of bars and locations to choose from – download it and take a look for yourself!

Killer feature: Avoid a wasted trek to a closed bar – Bar Chick will tell you whether the bar is open or closed right now.

Download: BarChick on iPhone or BarChick on Android

2. HotelTonight

What is it?super-last minute hotel finder.

Why do we ♥ it? HotelTonight selects only the best hotels and offers them to you when you need them most. It helpfully identifies them with tags like “Hip”, “Solid” and “Charming” so you know exactly what to expect. And best of all, as the hotels are trying to book up their rooms at late notice, you can get them for a fraction of the normal price. I’m talking half price London hotels people!

Killer feature: Promo codes galore. As HotelTonight is just starting up there are loads of deals available for new customers. If you download the app today and enter the promo code DFOSTER87 you get £15 free credit! Even if you’re not travelling any time soon, this one is a no-brainer – download it today!

Download: HotelTonight on iPhone or HotelTonight on Android

3. Skyscanner

What is it? Our favourite flight search app.

Why do we ♥ it? Quick and comprehensive, includes some of those airlines that get missed out by other apps (Ryanair!).

Killer feature: Flexible date search – shows you the cheapest day to fly in a whole month.

Killer feature #2 (couldn’t resist): Show me flights to… everywhere! If you want a cheap flight but don’t care where to, Skyscanner can show you the cheapest destinations from your chosen airport and help you to plan those multi-stop routes!

Download Skyscanner on iPhone or Skyscanner on Android

4. TripIt

What is it? A complete itinerary manager.

Why do we ♥ it? You get to see everything in one place. It’s the easiest way to organise your plans for a long holiday, especially if you’re staying in more than one place. Just enter in your travel and accommodation details and TripIt will give you a breakdown of your route with a map too!

Killer feature: Email your booking confirmations for flights, hotels, trains and more to and it will automatically add them to your app! Truly awesome and saves so much time!

Download TripIt on iPhone or TripIt on Android

5. Evernote

What is it? An app to “remember everything”

Why do we ♥ it? Evernote is the ultimate note taking app, syncing up notes from your phone, tablet and laptop so you can access them anytime. Got a list of restaurant recommendations or a signpost for your hotel written in another language? Why not snap a photo and store it in an Evernote notebook so you can check it whenever you need!

Killer feature: Email everything to Evernote. When you sign up you get an email address to which you can send documents, photos, notes and more – these go straight into your Evernote notebook ready for your travels!

Download Evernote on iPhone or Evernote on Android

6. Holiday Pirates

What is it? Our favourite travel deals app.

Why do we ♥ it? Holiday Pirates is one of RouteSalad’s favourite blogs for travel deals. They update the app with super-cheap flights, hotels, package deals and extras like discount codes too, several times every day!

Killer feature: Notifications. The website is great too, but if you download the Holiday Pirates app they will send you a push notification whenever they share one of their amazing deals.

Download Holiday Pirates on iPhone or Holiday Pirates on Android

7. Tripadvisor

What is it? The must-have review app.

Why do we ♥ it? Tripadvisor is our go-to app for checking out hotels before we travel, but it’s also great for deciding what to do once you’re there. Struggling to decide where to eat? Why not fire up Tripadvisor based on your current location to check the reputation of nearby bars and restaurants.

Killer feature: Near Me Now feature will show you restaurants, attractions, shopping and other activities based on your current location, with a map to help get you there!

Download Tripadvisor on iPhone or Tripadvisor on Android

8. Citymapper

What is it? A comprehensive travel app for London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

Why do we ♥ it? I first started using Citymapper while living in London last year. While there are hundreds of tube, bus and train apps out there for iPhone, I found that Citymapper was the first truly comprehensive app which brings everything together into one – love it or hate it – bright green interface (I love it). The app will tell you how long it will take to walk, cycle or taxi from A-to-B, complete with estimated prices and full mapping.

Killer feature: Rain Safe routes. About to set off for a night in Clapham but lost your umbrella? Rain Safe routes show you how to get to your destination without getting wet.

Download Citymapper on iPhone or Citymapper on Android